Coronavirus cases in Florida rise: risks businesses closure

Coronavirus cases in Florida rise: risks businesses closure

The Coronavirus pandemic has taken millions of lives in the past few months, people have suffered the worst and saw their businesses doomed, which they gave so many years of their experience, and now they do not have any support keep the company afloat. There are reports of several coronavirus patients in a single day because of a social distancing violation and an increase in the capability for tests.

New cases in Florida have stayed above the 1,000 marks daily since June 2. Then on Friday, we saw the rise, with 2,372 new cases, according to the Florida Dept. of Health. The percentage of people in Florida who have tested positive for the virus has also risen. The total number of coronavirus cases in Florida surpassed 80,000, according to figures released on Sunday.

Governor DeSantis made it very clear that the rise in coronavirus cases this past week was due to an increase in testing. Many health officials say reopening and violation of social distancing are also factors in any case. Florida is one of several states that has witnessed a rise in coronavirus cases since the very reopening.

Cases of corona virus rise and businesses go to risk of closure

This is why some health officials with the CDC said that countries might need to consider bringing back some restrictions as cases are rising. But it seems there are no plans to do that in Florida right now. With the coronavirus task force, Dr. Anthony Fauci says it’s up to states to follow federal guidelines for reopening and isolate the virus itself.

Dr. Anthony Fauci said that “I am not so sure we could say it’s stalled, but we see right now is something alarming,” “We all do want to reopen the country for several important reasons, but we’ve got to do that in a way that’s careful and prudent. “I think what we need to be reinforcing is that this should not be the end of mask-wearing, and it should not be the end of social distancing,” said microbiologist Jessica Malaty Rivera. So many Florida businesses have been called on to close because of exposure to coronavirus since reopening or expanding capacity.

In Central Florida, Kiwi’s Pub in Altamonte Springs said it would close after six people who had been inside Kiwi’s in the last week had found to be infected with the coronavirus. The business did not produce any schedule or any timetable on when they are going to reopen, except that it would when they felt it was safe and secure. Florida allowed several bars to open on June 5, among other businesses, and permitted restaurants, pubs, and other companies to expand their capacity.

Due to the rise in coronavirus cases in the past few weeks, suddenly, after reopening, the CDC brought up new guidance last week for individuals both daily life and also for large gatherings. The main guidelines remain the same: maintaining social distancing, regularly washing hands, sanitizing hands, and wearing masks when you’re in a public place. As more and more individuals venture out and businesses start to reopen, pediatrician Dr. Candice Jones also says parents should take extra precautions with their children by keeping them inside houses, encouraging them to wash hands and attend online classes.

“If your child has any health conditions that may put them at a much higher risk for poor outcomes from coronavirus, or your child is not able to follow washing their hands and sanitizing, and all of those precautions that we all know work to prevent the spread of this infection, then you may need to rethink it’s not the time for you to get back out there yet,” said Dr. Jones with Edgewater Pediatrics.

Washing hands for both adults and children is compulsory

And while adults are recommended to wear masks when out in public, Jones said they’re not recommended for kids under the age of two years old because it can be hard for them not to touch the mask and their face, and the cover itself could impact the child’s breathing.

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