Becoming Omnichannel-Compliant (Part- 2)


This article is a continuation of the previous article proceeding with the partial list of aspects that can help businesses become omnichannel compliant:

Ease of return: Shoppers like to do business with those who provide the comfort of return. This situation can arise due to a plethora of reasons:

The product received did not match the description given on the site.

It arrived in a damaged condition.

The wrong item was delivered.

It took an inordinately long time to arrive.

As you would notice, most of the reasons for returns are due to mistakes on the seller’s part.

Ease of return

Tracking order: Shoppers feel good when they can track the order right from the time it is processed to the date of dispatch and the likely date and time of delivery; make sure that you provide this facility: it will remove suspense and make the shopping experience more pleasurable of delivery. 

Ensure that you provide this facility: it will remove suspense and make the shopping experience more pleasurable.

Check your order: Put in extra effort to ensure that wrong orders are not delivered: it is frustrating. But should this happen, the return process should be seamless and painless.

Shopping experience: A business should always strive to deliver a pleasurable shopping experience that earns the loyalty of the shoppers. The converse is also true: if a shopper has a couple of bad experiences, she may move on. Make sure to reduce the risk of a bad experience. 

Use of technology: Artificial Intelligence-assisted voice search—Amazon’s Alexa, Google’s Home, Apple’s Siri—is taking root. You, too, should enable this facility in omnichannel shopping and lean on other technology to deliver a fantastic customer experience. 

Touchpoint: Every touch points a shopper comes in contact with should be designed to deliver a fantastic customer experience.

Offline/Physical/ store: To deliver a shopping experience, keep these in mind.

Offline/Physical/ store

Sales consultants, not salespersons: Shoppers desire to be educated and informed about the products and services. Invest resources in educating your sales team to transform into authentic sales consultants whose aim is to help shoppers make up their minds about what is best for them.

Education and sampling: Physical stores can offer facilities to try/sample products before purchase: this significantly reduces post-purchase dissatisfaction. Make sure these facilities are exceptional.

Personal finance: Brick-and-mortar stores can offer tailor-made finance packages to meet an individual shopper’s requirements. See how you can make it easier, financially, for customers to make purchases.

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