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This week, State Senator returns to Lincoln to finish the remaining days of the 2020 legislative session. As they get back to business, there are a handful of critical issues that will command much of the Legislature’s attention in the limited time remaining. As of the last week, Nebraska’s top priority for this session is property tax relief. The property tax issue, along with a few others, will dominate the waning days of the course, which are sure to move at a fast pace. Here’s an overview of what’s to come.

Financial Picture: With opportunities to deliver property tax relief, Nebraska’s relatively stable financial position helps the legislatures to return. Despite the impact of coronavirus, the state of Nebraska exceeded its certified revenue forecast by an amount of over $10 million.

This is especially impressive since a significant portion of state income tax dollars originally forecasted for April 2020 will now be reported in July 2020. That shift is because of them. A change in the state’s income tax filing a deadline from April 15th to July 15th has caused a variation of a significant portion of the state income tax dollars originally forecasted for April 2020 to July 2020.

Property Tax Relief:

Additionally, a new forecast will be set this week by the Nebraska Forecasting Advisory Board helping in the Legislature’s work by informing it in the remaining days of the session.

Property Tax Relief

The Nebraskans prefer the Property tax relief as the Legislature returns to work. Over the last five years, the state made significant progress in delivering aid from high local property taxes for hardworking Nebraskans. The tax credit relief fund has nearly doubled from $140 million to $275 million per year.

This year, for the support and growth of the K-12 schools, Senator Linehan’s LB 1106 would provide millions of dollars as funds. It is reported that the Senators would work thoroughly in the coming weeks to deliver this vital relief for hardworking Nebraska families.

Business Tax Incentives

It is critical for Nebraska’s business tax incentives to pass a property tax bill hoping to continue. The expiry date of Nebraska’s tax incentives is scheduled to expire at the end of 2020. Many Senators agree that the property tax relief must be delivered before the end of the corporate tax incentives.

Nebraska’s performance-based tax incentives are incomparable with the various state incentive programs. Tax benefits are earned by businesses that have already created verifiable jobs in the state.

Under this feature, the Actual job creation schemes in Nebraska are supposed to be rewarded by the incentives. The Major investments in the Cornhusker State are being attracted because of the help offered by the tax incentives programs.

The reason for Nebraska to be ranked among the top three states in the nation for most new economic development projects per capita for five consecutive years are the incentives.

Business Tax Incentives:

UNMC NExT Project:

LB 1084 program was introduced with the primary goal to support Nebraska’s bid for significant investment at the University of Nebraska Medical Center (UNMC). UNMC investment will support an academic medical facility to help the United States address future pandemics and other public health events.

Veterans Tax Relief

Tax relief for veterans is a vital part of our A plan to make Nebraska the most veteran-friendly state in the nation is one of the principal objectives of the tax relief catalogue. The tax relief program would exempt around 50 percent of the military retirement benefit income from state income taxation. LB 153 keeps us combative with other Midwestern states, most of which do not tax militant evacuation benefits at all.

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