The County Fund Relief Program

The County Fund Relief Program

The coronavirus pandemic is spreading like a hurricane throughout the world, causing an enormous amount of loss for humans and animal lives, businesses, and economies. Various companies across the US have suffered backlash and deadlocks in their sales and business markets.

The federal government’s loans, funds, and programs have helped significant businesses across the country to re-establish themselves. The PPP loan has been beneficial for the companies in a substantial loss. Yet for many businesses in the country that weren’t able to re-establish themselves, a new type of fund program has been released.

The County Board has announced a plan to create a business assurance program to help small businesses. This is being done under the CARES ACT run by the government. County made the denouncement after receiving finance of $4 million in aid. County hopes to create a finance program to use the state suggested a minimum of 10% of the total dispersed CARES funding.

Qualifying businesses are supposed to have around 50 employees. Standard questions are supposed to be asked confirming an environmental organization and owner location in Morrison County. If the transaction involves two business partners, it must be owned with a majority percentile by the County owner.

Employee statisfaction

The business must be in a proper upstanding with the Secretary of State and Authority of Revenue. Award extermination may be based upon the answers to various questions such as the way the governor’s order has affected the business finances, requested amount, Is there received funding from another source or not.

It’s essential to know the various aspects, terms, and implications of the fund because the sources explain that the money can’t be used by many businesses and for all kinds of business strategies.

A business cannot be exerted into state finances, and county CARES findings to cover the expenses of the same sorts. However, the funds received from any fund program in the Small Business Association can execute market-based business advancements.

Commissioner Randy Winscher planned for helping the local farmers by recouping their expenses, which might lead to the need for extra storage when the trucks weren’t shipping the products and other finances related to the COVID-19 business reprogramming.

The Board members discussed the coverage for the program.

The CARES funding is subjected to a single audit, and the County has to prove that the money was legitimately spent on cost reimbursement related to COVID-19.

Commissioner Greg Blaine wanted to recognize the way the county could converge on businesses that haven’t seized for help. Pierz was concerned whether the businesses located outside of the City of Little Falls and the City can apprehend the County fund program.

Not intending to leave them out conjointly, Blaine proposed granting funds to other businesses before the businesses in the cities because they had received various loans already, and send those businesses “to the back of the line.”

Messerschmitt reminded the board that the metropolis and sections will soon gain their part of the CARES funding act and would be choosing the support of programs for their sectional businesses. This convinced a discussion related to the management ventures in receiving funds from various entities.

Business management

County Administrator Deb Gruber after hearing all the comments stated that the County might be considered as a pertinence course and a time to inspect the application all at once, instead of rolling the application stretch and first-come-first-serve expense.

Gruber suggested the finalization of the elements on the fund program within a short time, so that there would be enough time to escalate the word on the schedule before perturbing up the utilization phase in September, reviewing accolades in October, and then conceding them by the end of that month.

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