Top cryptocurrency prices today: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Solana add up to 3%

Ethereum meta has surged by over 2,13,000% recently in the 24 hours, while Kokoswap, again a little-known cryptocurrency has risen by a massive 71,000% in more or less the same time period as Ethereum Meta.

Unprecedented price swings in cryptocurrencies are becoming the latest trend these days. This also indicates the risks and volatility in crypto-based trading.

With huge price swings in little-known cryptocurrencies becoming the norm, experts raised concerns and advised investors should be watchful which picking such tokens.

Ethereum Meta is not a new name in the crypto world. It has been around for three years. Ethereum Meta addresses a major weakness in Ethereum: the lack of privacy. It essentially enables smart contracts where no one can see what has been bought or for how much.

An upgrade called Smart Contract Mixer would be added to the Ethereum platform after it implements Zero-Knowledge Snarks, said Raj A Kapoor, Founder, India Blockchain Alliance. This would make the system more efficient. “Moreover, Ethereum Meta token is also a foundation of the anonymous e-marketplace that is accessible by the Tor Browser, and it provides a fully anonymous experience,” he added.

ARCx is a decentralized scoring protocol that powers on-chain identity through the issuance of a DeFi Passport. The first page, or element, in the DeFi Passport, is an on-chain credit score. This initial score is issued to an identity based on an assessment of the address’ on-chain activity.

The core function of the ARCx token is to be the governance mechanism for the ARCx protocol itself. The token is intended to align incentives between various stakeholders within the ecosystem to promote sustainable growth and fair governance. 

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