Innovative Ways to Engage Customers

Innovative Ways to Engage Customers

Till the 1970s, customers were exposed to fewer advertisements in a day. This figure has shot up to upwards of thousands per day. Today’s customers are petrified of unsolicited advertisements, therefore, they change the channel when they see one.

What should you do to ensure that your communication is noticed by customers?

Integrating the brand message into the content:

One solution for this seemingly intractable problem is to integrate the brand message into the content in a manner that when people attempt to skip the brand message, they also skip the content. Here are a few innovative ways to achieve this goal.

Brand integration

The product can seamlessly be integrated with the content so that it does not appear to be an advertisement.

Brand integration

Branded entertainment

Content can be created with the intent of entertaining the audience and not advertising the brand. Coke Studio is an excellent example of this. It is an enjoyable program, in the course of which, the brand also gets serious advertising mileage.

Guerilla marketing

The essence of guerrilla marketing is that it produces a high decibel buzz with minimal expenditure. Take the case of a pencil cell battery company, which hired the back panel of a bus and put up a visual showing two batteries.

When people saw this advertisement, it appeared to them that the bus was powered by two simple pencil cells. This campaign always brought a smile to people’s faces.

Guerilla marketing

Intel’s tagline for the longest time has been ‘Intel Inside. So when they signed a shirt sponsorship deal with FC Barcelona, the logo of Intel was placed on the inside of the shirts.

Although the placement reduced visibility, its execution being in sync with its tagline made it a unique and quirky idea, which enthralled people. The entire deal made waves on the playing field as much as outside it.

Use of ‘alternative media’: Traditional companies built brands leveraging five traditional media vehicles:





Ambient media

But these advertising vehicles are starting to lose steam because of the following reasons:


These traditional forms of media tend to be non-discriminating. As a result, an advertising broadcast ends up reaching people for whom it is not intended.

For example, take women’s hygiene products: the advertisements for these products when broadcast on TV also end up reaching men.



Relatively large budgets are required to run marketing campaigns on these vehicles.

Longer time

Advertisements are broadcast over mass media and therefore, the opportunity of seeing the ad every time it is broadcast is low.

Hence it has to be run over an extended period of time before a customer sees it enough times to be influenced by it.

No guarantees

Media owners demand payment for merely broadcasting the advertising. They do not give any assurance that the communication will be seen by the target group or of its efficacy.

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