Making a Difference with Small Business

Making a Difference with Small Business.

When a business owner decided to bring a change in the business process(es) each individual involved in the process of change is responsible for effectively responding to the process and supporting it in order for the change to happen without much negative consequences. Individuals or teams involved in the implementation of the change process should occasionally review the effects of change on employees and processes and then record and analyse the outcomes.

When organisations or businesses go through the change process, each one should be able to identify the reasons for this change and should be able to adapt to the effects of change on one’s own work. Employees and employers should understand their own roles in responding to the change process.  The three parts of adapting to the process of change, for ease of understanding and referencing, are as follows:

  • Understanding one’s own role in supporting the colleagues and organisation with the change
  • Understanding one’s own role on how to effectively respond to change.
  • Understanding the causes and effects of change in a business environment

The reasons for identifying the effects of change are as below.

  • It will help to decide whether new resources, tools and training are required.
  • It helps to gather detailed information about the effects of change.
  • It helps to review the effects of change on employees, customers, departments and the organisation as a whole.
  • It will help to explore new ideas and identify and sort out any problems that may have budded as a result of change.
  • Helps with statistical analysis and enables forecasting the future of the business.


A great way to find what needs to be changed is to try to find out what are the projects your competitors are targeting within your market segment, assess if you can develop an offering that can win those businesses from them. Not all competitors know you yet. Use that to visit your competitors’ showrooms, if any, anonymously, like any regular customer and collect valuable input to use in your research. Do not think this as unethical, after all, we all learn from watching.

After the implementation of change, its effects need to be monitored in order to track performance before and after the change was implemented. There must be advantages of the new change process, which is why it was implemented in the first place. However, in order to check the authenticity of these advantages, one needs to find ways of identifying the effects of changes on their own work.

Some ways to identify the effect of change are discussed below.

  • Keep a check on the skills gained through the change process.
  • When it comes to different groups, teams or departments, they will all have a different impact as a result of the change and hence survey departments and teams separately.
  • Check to see the advantages and disadvantages over past practices, and check to see if any key relationships are affected, if any practices are affected negatively, if any areas of the business are affected, if the structure of the business is affected and so on.
  • Compare statistics and other information before and after the change was implemented.

  • Observe for changes using statistical information, for example, organisation’s turn over, team performance reports, customer feedbacks, time taken to accomplish tasks, measure complexity of tasks, calculate costs, conduct meetings, discussions or supervisions to identify the effects of change, conduct surveys, etc.
  • Check to see how employees have responded or reacted to change and note them down for analysis purpose. This can be done by having meetings, one-to-one discussions, taking feedbacks, questionnaires, etc.
  • Carry out assessments on processes on which change was implemented and compare the results before and after change.

After the process of change has taken place, it becomes a continuous phenomenon and individuals should adapt to the effects of changes on their own values and respond positively.

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