Quick Ways to Influence Buyers

Quick Ways to Influence Buyers.

Promotional objectives for the same product may be different across the Product Life Cycle (PLC). Just like different promotional approaches will be appropriate at different stages of a PLC, promotional approaches also change depending on the stage of the consumer’s decision process that the marketer wishes to influence. You may read about this in detail in my blog Most Effective Advertising Techniques.

Establishing Decision

Prior to the purchase, the marketer extensively uses samples to induce trial while trying to establish a decision in the buyer to purchase. While the consumer is at the store and is in the purchase stage, the marketer will put in all his effort to make the consumer choose his brand. Along with this, a small business owner might want to pay retailers for the point of purchase displays and preferred shelf space, to ensure more visibility.

Establishing Objective

After your product has been purchased, make sure you have made arrangements for an appropriate future objective, which may be to induce a repurchase. Influence the consumer to choose your brand again by adding a coupon for future purchase in your package.


Understanding Promotion Approach

Promotion techniques can be broadly divided into two categories- Push and Pull

The push strategy is closely related to selling and involves aggressive price promotions to sell at a specific purchase occasion.  In contrast, the pull strategy emphasizes creating demand for the brand so that consumers come to the store with an intention to buy the product.  Hallmark, for example, has followed the pull approach and its consumers come looking for Hallmark cards at the store. SO much so, that if a specific piece is not available, the consumer will go home and come back the next day for a Hallmark piece!

Pioneering Ad

Among other several types of advertising, the ‘pioneering’ ad can be used to create awareness of a product and brand and to instil an appreciation among consumers for its possibilities.  The basic idea here is to show down other brands in order to bring yours up. In finer words, it is the competitive or persuasive ad attempts to convince the consumer either of the performance of the product and/or how it is superior in some way to that of others.  Comparative advertisements are a prime example of this. For instance, note the ads that show that some sunscreens are more effective than others.  The pioneering ad process also follows reminder advertising, which seeks to keep the consumer believing what other ads have already established. For example, Pepsi ads tend not to provide new information but keep reinforcing what a great drink it is and that no other drink comes close to it in terms of consumer’s choice.

Advertising Program

Developing an advertising program entails several steps. We at HyperEffects, make sure that small business owners are made aware of different advertising programmes available for them; we can also help you with the end-to-end process of advertising. Our one-hour free consultation program helps you make the correct decision about advertising your product, by identifying your target audience.

Identifying the Target Audience

Many kinds of statistical as well as descriptive market reports are readily available, that investigate the media habits of consumers of different products and/or the segments that your company has chosen to target. However, it is best to get in touch with local advertising and media experts to help you make the right decision. If not, speak with industry experts and do extensive research on the subject before you invest in advertising.


Advertising Objective

Determine appropriate advertising objectives. As discussed, these objectives might include awareness, repurchase, trial, inducing consumers to switch from another brand, or developing your brand as a preference for the consumer.

Settling the Budget

As mentioned before, find a local designing and advertising company to understand what would be the best options for your specific product or budget. Among several modes of advertising, let the experts help devise the best option for you. Each medium tends to have advantages and disadvantages, which we as small business owners might not be as aware of, as the advertising companies are. Again, do your homework well, so you have questions to ask the experts.


Pretest your advertisements to see how effective they actually are in influencing consumers.  It is common to have to redesign an ad if it is found not be to be as effective as targeted. Note that selecting advertisements is often a tedious process of trying and testing and keeping the best, while trashing the rest. Be prepared for trials. It takes time!

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