Sales and Profit in Small Business

Sales and Profit in Small Business.

Most experts feel a sales background is necessary to succeed in the wholesale distribution business. The ‘people’s skills’ that an outside salesperson who hits the streets or picks up the phone and goes on a cold-calling spree to search for new customers has are considered important for this. However, some experts argue that an individual should possess a varied job background in order to be able to handle a wholesale business efficiently.


  • When putting together a business continuity plan use real, consequence-based planning for this exercise.
  • These are the questions that will help you identify what you really need to prepare for, given just a few days of a business continuity failure.
  • When you take these unique aspects of your business into consideration, you will ask yourself the questions that are really important.
  • This is where you ask yourself, for example, “What would we do if our building caught fire”?
  • Make a list of things that are important right away (within the first few hours), and another list of things that will be important later on.
  • Be realistic and be specific for your location.
  • Every company relies on a pool of customers to sell its products and/or services to.


As a small business owner, it is imperative that you understand who your customers are going to be. You will have a much better idea what type of niche your new company can fill, once you have done the necessary research on your soon-to-be customers and competitors. Here are some important points about choosing a niche:

  • What matters is not so much what you sell, but how you sell it.
  • No matter what they’re selling, businesses are always discovering ways to reaffirm their value to suppliers and customers by revealing the superior service they have to offer, as well as the cost-saving efficiencies created by those services.
  • Profitable niches in today’s business arena include, but are certainly not limited to, reselling products that require some degree of education on the seller’s part.
  • A business owner can educate the customer about the benefits and operations of the mechanical pencil. This is where knowledge comes in extremely handy.


  • In small business, a niche is a particular area where your company can most excel and prosper-be it selling roller bearings, tie-dyed T-shirts or sneakers.
  • For example – anyone can sell traditional pencils, but selling pencils that require a specific technique, are mechanical and need refills, is a task.
  • There are profitable opportunities in every industry-from beauty supplies to hand tools, beverages to snack foods.

This mind-set opens up a wealth of opportunities to provide greater attention to the individual needs of customers, a chance to develop margin growth, and greater flexibility in product offerings and diversification of the business.

  • While some entrepreneurs may find their niche in a diverse area, others may wish to specialize.
  • The whole trick, of course, is to find that niche and make it work for you.
  • Keep in mind, however, that too much product and geographical specialization can hamper success.
  • If you have sold your (specific) product to the customer base within a 50-mile radius of your location in six months, you’ve already sold as much as you could.
  • Adding other related items, diversifying your offerings is required after reaching a certain level.


There are some great advantages for a small business in selling to the government. However, the process is rather tedious in that such orders mostly have a lengthy bidding procedure before any contracts are awarded.

  • There are several small businesses making successful sales to the government.
  • Government sales is a good avenue for small businesses.
  • It’s also one that’s often overlooked, especially by small businesses.

While we wait and watch the changes happening around us and hope that they will prove to be beneficial to small-businesses in the long run, get the neglected parts of your business rolling. If you have specific requirements for a customised feature such as an internal social networking tool for your employees, connect with us for a free consultation on how it works and how you can benefit from it. We are always here to help and advice. We may not always share the same point of view with everyone, but we can always share values. Get in touch with HyperEffects to assist you with creating and maintaining a website. Also for any requirement-based features on your website, we are here to help and advice.

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