Team Expansion

Team Expansion.

Synergy, where the collective whole is greater than the sum of the individual parts, often occurs where good teamwork is happening. In a team, every individual contributes their knowledge and skills to achieve a specific goal. Use the following strategies to make sure your team is strong and innovative, so your business can thrive.


Delving into the challenges your candidates have overcome can help you evaluate who you need on your team.  Ask candidates what they have done that no one else has done, what their niche abilities are. These diverse candidates can offer more on-on-the-spot sense than people who may have more job experience but lack the ability to think on their feet.


Over the last 40 years, ambition and success have become loaded terms, especially for women. Today women can do it all. The business industry is flooding with powerful, professional leaders. What happens when these leaders are women leading in male- dominated industries? 73% of women in their 20s ranked their career as “very important. There are certain characteristics that are typically associated with the term ‘soft’. Some of these are- the ability to be pleasant, which is not gender specific, but works wonders. That said, you might want to consider hiring young female employees to increase the positive vibe in your business environment. A business can do better with dedicated, loyal employees who rank their work as the most important part of their life.

Long-Term Association

Create multiple recruitment systems to attract an ongoing stream of inquiries and applications. Build your reputation in your industry so that talented job seekers come to you on a regular basis. When recruiting outside your company, pursue a long-term strategy instead of waiting to hire until you’re desperate for help.



After a change has been implemented, it needs to be reviewed for effectiveness. The purpose of reviewing the effects of change on people, processes and outcomes is that staff, teams and departments will want to know how they are performing as individuals, as teams and as an organisation after the change was implemented. Reviewing and producing the effects can help them rectify errors and take steps to perform better in the future. Performance review also gives people a view of what is expected vs what was achieved and what needs to be done to achieve or surpass the set goal. It keeps the staff and departments helping each other whenever necessary, and to know who to contact when need be. For all of this to happen effectively and smoothly, you need a team that is open to change and accepts it wholeheartedly, instead of being rigid and resisting change.

Choose Right

Keep an eye out for key experience such as project management, independent community involvement and problem solving when you look for these candidates. Try scouting networking events and industry showcases. In this kind of environment, your potential employee has already shown initiative and willingness to take on a new situation.

Choose creativity when given a choice between creativity and experience. You may have to step out of your comfort zone to solve particularly complex problems. Consider all angles of a problem and come to a solution that may be surprising. For these dynamic situations, experience doesn’t always provide the answer. The idea is to search for candidates who consider alternative solutions, are adept at critical thinking, and aren’t afraid to take on tasks outside of their specialty.

There are several potential ways to measure effectiveness. It is always advisable to contact a local advisor to understand the best way to check the effectiveness of your product, services and change. HyperEffects helps you find the most effective way, through technology enabled, custom-tailored website for your company, product and target. More local businesses are selling online and going omnichannel using their own websites, platforms like Amazon or social channels, apps and even monthly subscription boxes to reach customers more deeply. At HyperEffects, our aim is to make small business owners aware of different programmes available for them; our one-hour free consultation program is specially designed to achieve this.

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